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The eTrain® online english grammar learning platform is created and maintained by Wildnet. It comprises a collection of dynamically generated online exercises (including also multimedia contents, e.g. listening or reading comprehension exercises), which are newly arranged from a large exercise database, each time they are accessed. Innovative instant error feedback capable of detecting different types of errors as well as multiple solutions (e.g. "I don't" or "I do not") and a well arranged statistical overview support personalized education. With the complete redesign of the initial exercise pool and creation of the internet-platform, we attempt to settle a new standard in innovative assistant english grammar learning solutions. Currently, we provide online exercises for the first four years of english in secondary school (Austrian AHS and HS). Online help and user instructions are available in German. Free demo accounts can be obtained from the portal homepage.


  • "Sprachenförderpreis 2004",
  • "Lörnie Award Preisträger 2005".

System requirements

  • Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox) with activated Javascript,
  • Adobe Flash Player Version 8.
eTrain 3 Homepage eTrain 4 Exercises
eTrain 3 Homepage eTrain 4 Exercises


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